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George and Evie

We've taken this opportunity to unwind and put the children's mind at ease, especially as we are both still going out to work. Don't judge, but we made wine with George! They have both loved seeing it bubble away. Dad explained the science behind it. We've planted carrots, tomatoes, cress and a sunflower. We've flown kites, thrown frisbees and just enjoyed being out in the open together. The children miss their friends but are chatting online with them, which helps them feel not so isolated. 


  • G and E4

    G and E4.jpg
    G and E4
  • G and E3

    G and E3.jpg
    G and E3
  • G and E2

    G and E2.jpg
    G and E2
  • G and E1

    G and E1.jpg
    G and E1
  • G and E

    G and E.jpg
    G and E