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Maths Investigation week

During the first week of March the whole school took part in our Maths Investigation Week.  Please read comments from some of the classes and look at the photos to see what they did. A lot of fun and learning took place, many using the new resources purchased for them by FOMT! A big thank you to FOMT for these.

In Mulberries we have enjoyed exploring our new numicon resources. We started by learning to recognise the different pieces by colour, shape and by counting the holes. Then we were able to investigate on our own to match the numicon shapes to their picture and number. We also used gems to place in the holes to help us with our counting skills. We love the numicon. One person even began to explore numbers bigger than 10 by using the 10 with other numbers. It was very exciting.

In Pine Class the children enjoyed matching numbers to amounts using the Number Pair cards.  They also really enjoyed using the magnetic number matching activity.

In Key Stage 1 - Children in Birch class have been investigating bead strings using different numbered dice.  They have been looking closely at pattern, amounts and making numbers using the beads.  Children have also been using the base ten resources to create amounts using place value.  Children have been looking closely at different sized cups.  They then had to arrange the cups holding the most and the least amounts of liquid.  They have also been thinking about how to test whether they are correct.

In Yew class the children had fun investigating addition of numbers using the new Diennes equipment purchsed for them by FOMT.  They also investigated what happened when they placed numbers in different places on their pyramids.  Children used their skills to solve word problems and showed different ways of representing their answers. 

In LKS2 -  In Juniper this week, we enjoyed various number investigations in a carousel. Children classified numbers in various ways and learnt what triangular numbers are. We used calculators for a "guess my number" game. The calculators were a gift from FoMT which we are very grateful for

In Poplar Class we have been given four money bags and 15 1p coins. The 15 coins have to be split into the four bags. All the bags must be used. All the coins must be used. We can split the coins however we like. However, there was a catch! We were going to spend the money in a very special shop. Everything in the shop cost between 1p and 15p. However, you can only pay in money bags. You must pay with the exact right amount. You cannot get change! We started by seeing what combinations of money we could arrange in our money bags and recording our results on the sheets. We tested our combinations to see if we could buy everything we needed too. We could!

In Rowan class children are using the Numicon to investigate fractions. They can use it to help them visualise a puzzle.

In Year 5 the children took part in a variety of investigations - Guess the number – is the answer always 5?  Lunar Park investigations and Triple Cubes.