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The school will use its best endeavours to meet the needs of every child. This includes those children with medical conditions. Please see the Policy for Managing the Medical Conditions of Pupils. Some pupils who have a medical condition may be disabled, and where this is the case Maple Tree Primary School will comply with the duties placed on it by the Equality Act 2010. The headteacher leads staff in the school’s responsibility for meeting the medical needs of pupils.

The school is required by legislation to have an Accessibility Plan in order to promote access for disabled pupils to the school curriculum. This includes access to teaching and learning and also to the wider curriculum of the school, such as participation at after school clubs. 

Maple Tree Primary School is fully compliant with statutory duties linked to the DDA requirements. We have an Accessibility Plan in place which seeks to maximise access to the school curriculum for any disabled pupil.

  • The school site is on one level throughout.
  • The playgrounds and the field are fully accessible to wheelchair users or those with physical difficulties.
  • There are two disabled toilets on site.
  • We ensure that, wherever possible, equipment used is accessible to all children regardless of their needs, and we provide specialist equipment when required to ensure equality of access to the curriculum,
  • Breakfast club is accessible to all children, including those with SEN.
  • All extra curricular activities are accessible for children with SEN.
  • All children at Maple Tree Primary are entitled to attend visits off site, and all reasonable adjustments will be made to ensure this can happen for your child. This may mean additional staffing is provided to support your child on a trip / visit outside the school.

The school will make all reasonable adjustments to the curriculum and the environment to ensure equality of access for your child.