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At Maple Tree we recognise that the best teaching happens with constant and rigorous assessment. This does not mean that we test your children frequently but means that staff use the information that they gain from your child's achievements every lesson to consider what they need to do in the next one. This means that the children are taught what they need to know rather than what they don't. This happens through regular dialogue with the children ongoing communication through regular feedback and marking - with the younger children a lot of this is done verbally. 

Staff will assess the children 3 times a year using more summative approach which evaluates the learning that has taken place. Staff will always keep you informed of your child's achievments and will be able to offer your strategies to support your child at home in their development too.

Staff will continually assess your child on a daily basis and gather their understanding of the curriculum and progress through this using our assessment tool called Target Tracker. The curriculum is taught according to the band the children are in. Band 3 equates to Year 3 and informs the teacher and you if your child is working, below, at or above age expectations.

If you are at all concerned about your child's progress, please make an appointment to speak to the class teacher.