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Teachers Class Teaching Assistant
Mrs Germany and Mrs Carrick (Room Leaders) The Mulberries Pre-School (3-4 yr olds)

Miss Green

Mrs Boddington

Mrs Cowell

Mrs Andrews 

  The Mulberries Pre-School (2-3 Yr Olds)

Mrs Phillips

Miss Taylor

Miss Whiting

Mrs Bardell/Mrs Jones Fir (Reception)  
Mrs Pond Pine (Reception)  

Mrs Hampton

Mrs Hilditch 

Ms Lintott (1:1)

Mrs Evans (1:1)

Mrs Alexander (SEND)

                                                            Key Stage 1

Teacher Class Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jacobs Birch (Year 1) Mrs Gianinnotti
Mrs Wicks Yew (Year 1 and 2) Mrs Cox
Mrs Vickery-Cox Sycamore (Year 2)

Mrs Payne


Key Stage 2



Teaching Assistant

Mrs Scott

Poplar (Year 3 and 4)

Mrs Payne

Mrs Longworth (SEND)

Ms Cassidy

Rowan (Year 3 and 4)

Mrs Green

Mrs Rowley

Juniper (Year 5)

Mrs Green

Miss Hyde / Mrs Darnell

Cherry (Year 5)

Mrs Cahill

Mrs Champion

Elder (Year 6)

Mrs Cahill