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There are a number of different types of clubs that run in school. For the children there is a range of activities that they can participate in both during and after school. Clubs that run during school such as choir and recorder are free of charge. Those that run after school are often organised by outside contractors for example Rising Stars and these may well incur a charge. We try to cover a range of activities that will be suitable for all ages.

Additionally we run what we call ‘clubs’ that provide part of the care that we are able to offer children. We have a daily lunch club that is staffed by two of our school team. This is available to nursery-aged children who attend part time. Children can have a play and snack in familiar surroundings and extend their time in school. Further to this we can also provide wraparound care again for our part time nursery children. Where we have places available we can offer additional sessions in the nursery in order that children are able to attend all day. Both lunch club and the wraparound care incur a charge as these sessions are in addition to those provided free by the Government.