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Covid Catch Up Premium

The government has made funding available to all schools this year to enable us to support the children with the lost time that they have had due to the two national lockdowns; this is referred to as ‘catch-up funding’ and is for schools to utilise as they deem most appropriate. Below you will find our COVID-19 Impact Reduction Strategy which details the amount of funding we receive as a school along with our aims and actions.

At Maple Tree, we refer to this as ‘reducing impact’ so that we can positively work towards closing the gaps that will have appeared for many children over the past months; the phrase ‘catch-up’ feels like it sets us on a course to try and achieve a moving target, something unattainable..

Reducing the impact of lockdown is not a quick fix, we are looking at months of knowledge and skills that the children will not have, or may have forgotten, and therefore we need to ensure that these gaps are isolated and attended to to ensure the children have a robust grounding for their continued education.

On return to school, the children will spend the 3 weeks before the Easter holidays focusing on reintegration into classroom routines and being with their peers whilst at the same time allowing the teachers to discretely assess the needs of the children and to identify those children where significant impact is evident. We have assessment data from December 2020 that we will also use as a baseline which will support our planned interventions.  We are also taking part in a number of projects across the school such as the Nuffield Early Language Intervention, a Mastery Maths project and a Reading Fluency Project in Years 5 and 6 which will be accessed through interventions and small group/individual work etc.

Further down this page, you will find a series of questions and answers which should enable you to learn more about the strategies we will be putting in place to support your children as they reintegrate into school life.