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First Aid and Medical

                Illness / First aid during the school day

Minor injuries such as cuts, grazes and bumps are dealt with in school by qualified first aiders. If a child has a more serious accident or is taken ill at school every effort will be made to contact his/her parents.

If you are unobtainable we will use the emergency numbers you have given us on your admissions form.


If urgent medical attention is necessary and neither you nor the emergency contact can be reached, a member of staff will take the child or escort him/her in an ambulance to the casualty department where the member of staff will give authority for necessary medical treatment to be given.


For reasons of safety NO medication can be administered by teaching or non-teaching staff unless it has been prescribed by a Doctor. If you have prescription medication for your child you will be asked to fill out a consent form which states the dosage and timing and gives permission for it to be administered by a member of staff. Staff will keep a record of the amount and time the prescribed medication has been administered.

It is helpful, where clinically appropriate, if medicines are prescribed in dose frequencies which enable it to be taken outside school hours. Parents are encouraged to ask the prescriber about this. It is to be noted that medicines that need to be taken three times a day could be taken in the morning, after school hours and at bedtime.

The Headteacher reserves the right to refuse the administration of a prescribed medication if staff are uncomfortable or untrained in its delivery. If this is the case parents/carers are asked to discus their child’s needs with the Headteacher so that a solution can be agreed upon.

Parents are responsible for replacing long term medication (e.g. inhalers) after use or best before date and regularly updating instructions (at least annually)

All medication (in its original container as dispensed by the pharmacist) must be handed in at the school office. Children are not permitted to self administer any form of medication. For children with chronic conditions such as asthma or diabetes, a more detailed plan will be implemented. This may be in consultation with the medical professionals depending on the child’s particular needs.

If medication needs to be administered during the day then a form needs handing into the office stating dosage and other relevant information. Please download the form below.