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History Off the Page 

On Monday the children in Key Stage 1 had a fabulous day learning about life in a mediaeval castle through a combination of role play, practical activities and working with artefacts.  They learned what life would be like in a castle under siege and practised ways to defend it using archery and sticks.  They were able to choose different activities to try for themselves e.g. making a leather purse, soap balls, candles, letter writing, illuminating, herb bags, pie making and finger guards to name a few.  In the afternoon they practised their role play by being either actors, singers, jousters, jugglers, dancers or servants.  They finished off by entertaining or serving the gathering in the banquet hall following many of the early mediaeval traditions and customs.  The Key Stage 1 staff would like to thank the volunteers who helped at this event and also the parents for their continued support as events like this really enhance children’s understanding of history and bring it to life for many of them.