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History Off the Page - Seaside Day November 2018

History off the Page – Seaside Day


Monday 12th November 2018


On Monday Key Stage 1 had an amazing day learning more about the traditions and culture of Seaside development from Victorian times onwards.  It allowed the children to begin to appreciate how the impact of steam power, the Industrial Revolution and social changes brought Seaside holiday to the masses.

We tried lots of new jobs and gained skills required by workers from the time.

Throughout the day we had a variety of role play (using original artefacts) and making activities.  These included a visit to the ‘photographic studio’, sorting old money at the bank, making a shell souvenir box, decorating a ceramic souvenir, making a cork boat, decorating a seaside postcard, making a train ticket and making a hook-a-duck game. 

In the afternoon the children were able to experience typical Pier amusements.  They visited the Pier and had the opportunities to be a stall holder and a visitor.  They had a purse containing twelve old pennies and had to use these to pay for their Pier amusements.  The amusements included Roll a Penny, Souvenir stall, Photographers, Fortune Teller, Bagatelle games, Fish and Chip stall, Pier Café, and the Punch and Judy role play.

We learned about Annette Kellerman who was one of the first women to wear a one-piece bathing costume, instead of the pantaloons usually worn by the women.

At the end of the day we had a traditional Punch and Judy show which the children really enjoyed although it was very loud for some!!

We all agreed that although it was a very busy day we had a great time and will have lots of memories of the day.


Thanks to Craig from HoTP and all adult volunteers for your support.