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History Off the Page Fire and Ice

History off the Page – Great Fire of London Experience

Thursday 2nd November 2017

Today Key Stage 1 had an amazing day learning more about the Great Fire of London.

We were transported back to Sunday 2nd September 1666.

We tried lots of new jobs and gained skills required by workers from the time.  Some of us were bakers. Others were chandlers, tanners and perfumers. Some of us were even barbers – the doctors of the time - and had to cut off patient’s arms and legs to make them better.  We learned some interesting facts and some really disgusting facts! Did you know that people of the time had to throw their toilet ‘waste’ out of the window to the street below? The gong farmer pulled a cart around the streets to collect it – Yuk!                We all agreed that we had a great time and will have lots of memories of the day. Although we all agreed we would not like to live at that time!

Thanks to Craig from HotP and all adult volunteers for your support.