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At Maple Tree Primary School, all pupils, regardless of their particular needs, are offered inclusive teaching, which will enable them to make the best possible progress in school and feel that they are a valued member of the wider school community. We offer a range of provision to support children with communication and interaction, cognition and learning difficulties, social, mental and health problems or sensory or physical needs. We have high expectations of all children and staff and we believe that it is the entitlement of all children to have the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

Maple Tree Primary School offers a range of support and interventions for children and young people. These will differ according to age range and the specific needs of individuals. Some interventions will be offered to all children and some may only apply to children with complex needs.

The well-being of every child is a key priority for our school, and we actively welcome all children, irrespective of learning needs by celebrating diversity so all pupils and staff value each other.  All staff are trained to provide a high standard of pastoral support. Members of staff are readily available for children who wish to discuss issues and concerns.

Relevant staff have paediatric first aid training and we have a medical needs policy in place.

All SEND provision is overseen by the Senior Leadership Team in school and is coordinated by the Special Education Needs Coordinator (SENDCO). The SLT monitor, review and evaluate all SEN provision on a regular basis throughout the year and the SENDCo reports to the school governing body on how individual needs are being met and SEN funding, core blocks and funding for inclusion is being spent.

All children are treated as individuals and the class teacher, alongside other support staff, plan an appropriately differentiated curriculum for children with additional needs to ensure high quality teaching and learning with effective support and resource. Clear inclusion plans (formally Individual Education Plans) are put in place and reviewed termly with evidence gathered of impact of the interventions used. Key assessments are then made to ensure children are on track to meet targets and that planning accurately addresses need. Progress and plans are regularly reviewed and evaluated to inform next steps.

Children need to be involved in setting their personal targets and reviewing their progress alongside teachers and support staff. Parents are vital partners in the child’s journey through school and are invited to attend review meetings during the year to discuss their child’s progress, update their inclusion plan and encourage their to engagement in supported learning. Where children have complex needs and have a Statement of Educational needs, there will also be an annual review.

An appropriate and accessible learning environment is provided within school.  Staff in school are trained, and have worked alongside other professionals, to develop their skills, knowledge and expertise in specific areas of SEN e.g. speech and language and autism.  Support is sought from other agencies where necessary in order to maximise learning potential e.g. Speech and Language Service, Occupational Health Service, School Nursing; local authority services e.g. Educational Psychologists and Jigsaw.

Awareness Dates:

Assemblies and activities will be shared with pupils about the dates below:


World Gratitude Day

Mental Health School Focus: Exercise


ADHD Month

Dyslexia Awareness Week

Dyspraxia Awareness Week 

World Mental Health Day

World Stammering Day

Mental Health School Focus: Gratitude Jars


13th World Kindness Day

14th World Diabetes Day

Mental Health School Focus: Laughter


3rd International People with Disabilities Day

Mental Health School Focus: Dance


World Braille Day

Mental Health Focus: Inspirational Quotes


Children's Mental Health Week

Mental Health Focus: How to Draw' video club


Young Carer's Action Day

Neurodiversity Awareness Week

Mental Health Focus: Body Scans


Autism Awareness Week

Allergy Awareness Week

National Scream Day

Mental Health Focus: Doodling


National Deaf Awareness Week

Tourette's Awareness Day

Mental Health Focus: Breathing


Healthy Eating Week

International Yoga Day

Mental Health Focus: Jars of Happiness


World Chocolate Day!!

Mental Health Focus: Yoga