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Our teachers ensure that mathematical skills are taught every day. They also use every relevant subject to develop pupils’ mathematical fluency. Our pupils understand the importance of mathematics, are encouraged to be confident in numeracy and to apply the skills that they learn to simple problem solving. The activities cover a wide range of mathematical knowledge, many with an emphasis on practical work. In each lesson there is a short and simple mental maths session. In Reception pupils work on number, place and value, learn how to do basic addition and subtraction, take measurements and recognise basic shapes and their properties. We build on skills and understanding in a step by step way and continue to develop place value, the four number operations and the understanding of fractional parts.  Termly Maths Investigation Weeks provide extra activities throughout the year to promote mathematical skills and thinking.

At Maple Tree, staff follow plans from White Rose Hub, Third Space Learning and Hamilton Trust.  Early Years use plans from White Rose Hub, the Early Learning Goals and statements from Development Matters to ensure thorough coverage.  Sumdog is also used to enhance the children’s learning and TTRockstars to aid the mental recall of times tables.

National Curriculum Mathematics Programmes of Study: