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We aim for the children to leave Maple Tree Primary School showing that they have achieved their full mathematical potential as well as demonstrating confidence and enjoyment in maths. They will also strive to show an ability to transfer these skills to other areas of learning and demonstrate ‘skills for life’.

Maths is taught through daily maths lessons. From Years 1-5 we use the Abacus Maths scheme but we also ensure that these lessons are well differentiated to cater for the needs of all the pupils in the class. There is a mixture of mental arithmetic and practical activities as well as more formal computation methods. We like the children to experiment with different strategies until they find the one that works best for them. We also encourage the children to show their working out and to explain their methods using correct mathematical vocabulary. For the younger children this is supported with the use of working walls which are updated with the relevant key vocabulary. 

We do still ensure that the children are developing confidence and fluency in their times tables as this underpins a lot of the work needed in day to day maths. We are also keen for the children to make links in their learning and provide opportunities for the children to be problem solving and identifying how their maths skills are important in 'real life'.

Please click here for our calculations policy which shows the processes and progress of skills taught across the whole school.

You will also find our Maths policy on the 'Our Policies' page.