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Our Classes

All our classes are named after trees. The children learn to identify this tree as well as some interesting facts about them.

Below you will find the adults attached to each class. 


Teachers Class Teaching Assistant

Mrs Carrick 

Mrs Taylor


The Mulberries Pre-School

Mrs Hampton

Mrs Famula

Miss Green

Mrs Phillips

Mrs Suarez (1:1)

Mrs Gill (1:1)

Mrs Darnell Fir (Reception)

Mrs Hilditch

Mrs Hampton

                                    Key Stage 1

Teacher Class Teaching Assistant
Mrs Payne Yew (Year 1)

Miss Cowell (1:1)

Mrs Leigh

Mrs Vickery-Cox Aspen (Year 2)

Mrs Boddington (1:1)

Mrs Ramsay (1:1)

Mrs Khan

                                 Key Stage 2



Teaching Assistant

Mrs Jacobs

Rowan (Year 3)

Mrs Green


Mrs Gregory

Miss Hyde

Poplar (Year 4)

Mrs Green

Mrs Keenan (1:1)

Mrs Rowley Juniper (Year 5)

Miss Goodman

Mrs Walker (1:1)

Mr Neill

Sycamore (Year 6)

Mrs Daniels

Ms Cassidy

Elder (Year 6)

Mrs Daniels