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Our School

Maple Tree Primary School was opened in September 2000 to serve the Fallow Field and more recently the St Ivel Park estates which are on the northern edge of the market town of Sandy.

In the first year of the school opening, children aged 3 to 7 were admitted. The intake was gradually built up over the subsequent years until all year groups were established by 2002. This year we have made the transition to primary school and now offer children a complete education through Early Years, KS1 and KS2.

Our school is housed in a new and modern building which offers bright and open learning environments. In addition to the classrooms, we have a library, group rooms, Computing Suite and a large multipurpose hall for assemblies, dining and a wide range of physical activities. Outside, we have a large field as well as hard play space. Our youngest children have access to their own secured play area. We are currently developing the landscape and have planted a range of trees, bushes and plants as well as erecting two large pavilions to provide outdoor learning spaces.

The School Governors have overall responsibility for the daily running and strategic vision of our school and delegate much of the internal management to the Headteacher and staff.