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As a Primary School we cater for children from the age of two to ten (eleven from Sept 2019) following which they transfer to Secondary School.

In addition to the ‘main school’ we also have a pre-school that caters for children from the term after their third birthday. Children in the nursery are offered a part time place for up to 15 hours per week.

The Primary School phase covers three stages of the children’s educational journey. The Foundation Stage is for children in the pre-school to the end of the reception year i.e from two to five years old. At Maple Tree this stage has two teaching groups; the Mulberries (pre-school aged children), Fir and Pine (reception aged children). The three teachers in the Foundation Stage lead the teaching and learning with the support of a number of teaching assistants.

The next stage of education is called Key Stage One and this is for children aged five to seven. In this stage, there are two years; year one and year two. The standard number for each year group at Maple Tree is forty five and the Government requires that all Key Stage One classes must not be above thirty. Consequently this means that we sometimes have to have a mixed age class. The classes in Key Stage One are Birch (year one), Yew (year one) and Aspen(year two).

Years 3-6 are known as Key Stage Two. We currently only offer provision to the end of Year 5 though from September 2019 we will be able to take Year 6 children too. The children in Years 3 and 4 are in Lower Key Stage 2 and again, this year, we are lucky enough to be able to have single ages classes: Poplar (year three), Rowan and Juniper (year 4). The children in Year 5 are in Upper Key Stage 2 and we currently have one class - Cherry.

Due to the need for mixed age classes, the school operates a rolling programme of topics so that children do not meet the same work twice. Staff in each team work together so that all children receive the same learning opportunities but ensuring that this is differentiated appropriately to meet the needs and abilities of all children.