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SEND Provision Maps

Class Teachers have responsibility for enabling all pupils to learn. To achieve this they:

  •  plan appropriate work / activities for their pupils
  •  ensure that support is available for all children (inclusive ‘quality first’ teaching)
  • differentiate the curriculum to take account of different learning styles, interests, abilities
  •  ensure that all children can be included in tasks / activities
  • monitor individual progress
  • celebrate achievement
  • identify those children who require additional or different support in order to make progress
  • set targets on SEND support plans and discuss these with parents and pupils

Teachers are familiar with the relevant equal opportunities legislation covering the protected characteristics: race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief and age.

Support Staff

  • through ‘quality first’ teaching, support the teachers in enabling all children to have access to the teacher
  • support the teachers in enabling children with SEND to have access to an appropriate curriculum
  • encourage and promote independence in the children
  • liaise with the Class Teacher
  •  help to prepare resources and adapt materials
  • lead interventions to close the gap for children experiencing difficulty
  • promote the inclusion of all children in all aspects of life at school.


Small group work is carried out by the school and is ‘additional to or different from’ the usual differentiated curriculum. It may take the form of:

  •  using different learning materials in the classroom
  • making reasonable adjustments within the physical environment
  • making reasonable adjustments to routines
  • Support Staff in the classroom
  • a more focused level of support in a small group withdrawn from the class
  • focused work to be completed at home

Teachers record the different provisions that individuals need and these are monitored to ensure that the needs of the child are met efficiently and accurately.

The provision maps below show the different approaches and strategies that are used at various levels of need.

Click the image below to download our Quality First Teaching Provision Map

Click the image below to download our Support and EHC Plan Provision Map