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School Council

Here at Maple Tree we are extremely lucky to have a school council with 12 elected members. We have 2 representatives from each class in KS1 and KS2 who nominated themselves as capable of being the right candidate for the job. They have been voted for and are now ready to help with the decision making for the school. We meet on a Thursday lunchtime every fortnight and the children run the meeting themselves with a little bit of help from me, Mrs Vickery-Cox. They have a chair person, vice chair, treasurer and administrator who keeps the minutes for each meeting. At the start of any meeting the agenda is set and the council members discuss items that require action and follow up.

As a school we take pride in our charity work which makes up a large part of the discussion. Last year we raised over £1500 for national charities such as Children in Need and Sports Relief. The children are also responsible for running a summer tuck shop in which we raised an additional £300 to buy chosen items to benefit the school and more learning opportunities for the pupils. This year looks to be another good year with a keen council group ready to make Maple Tree even more successful.