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Supporting Behaviour

In the Early Years Foundation Stage, we operate a constructive approach to behaviour with realistic expectations of young children.  We celebrate the adult role of helpful guide to support children to learn to behave well. Our approach uses our school values, positive language and good role modelling to encourage and develop good behaviour consistent with the Early Years Curriculum.

We teach children that:

  • We treat other people with consideration and safety
  • We take care of the play resources
  • We take turns when there is not enough for everyone
  • We listen to each other and work together to solve problems.

We will intervene calmly, show how we expect children to behave and set rules and boundaries to help children to know what is expected of them. We will use praise and sometimes stickers or other rewards when children have achieved a goal set for them. Some children may have more difficulties and if behaviour is challenging we may give a child the chance to have some calm time. We will always work closely with parents to find ways to support their child and establish a behaviour plan, seeking advice from other professionals when needed.