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Year 1 Yew Class

Welcome to Yew!

Welcome to Yew Class. I am the proud year 1 teacher, Mrs. Payne. Together with Miss Anker and Miss Cowell, we have the great job of supporting our class to become incredible, enthusiastic learners. We are a busy class of 28, and we have lots of tremendous children who run in daily with huge smiles. I believe that this is down to the exciting curriculum and subjects that we teach. This year some of the areas of learning we will be covering are 'Where in the world are we?' in geography, 'What is my history?' in our history lessons, and 'Animals, including humans' in science, to name but a few. It is great seeing the children become eager, confident and independent learners. We always aim to keep that enthusiasm growing.

Class Information:

There are two classes in Key Stage 1 for children aged 5 – 7 (Yew and Aspen).  There is one Year 1 class and one Year 2 class. Although they have their own curriculum they may sometimes join together for learning or assemblies. 


The Key Stage 1 team consists of

Year 1 teacher Mrs Payne

Year 1 Teaching assistant - Miss Anker

Year 1 1:1 Miss Cowell

Year 2 teacher - Mrs Vickery-Cox Key Stage Lead

Year 2 Teaching assistant - Mrs Khan

Year 2 1:1- Mrs Boddington

SEND TA - Mrs Longworth


Meet the Teacher presentation

Please see below for the presentation that was shared with parents at our Meet the Teacher session in September. This will give you an insight into how things run in Year 1. 

Termly Overviews

Please click the link to see what Year 1 are learning in the Summer Term.