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Year 6 KS2 SATs

If you have a child in year 6 at the end of (KS2), they will take national curriculum assessments in English grammar, punctuation and spelling, English reading and mathematics.

The tests help measure the progress pupils have made, and identify if they need additional support in a certain area. The tests are also used to assess schools’ performance and to produce national performance data.

The KS2 tests will be taken on set dates in May, unless your child is absent, in which case they may be able to take them up to 5 school days afterwards.

At the end of the summer term, as part of your child's school report, you will receive test results for:

  • English grammar, punctuation, and spelling

  • English reading

  • mathematics

Test results and reviews will be coordinated with your school before the summer holidays to discuss your child’s work at the end of KS2.

A change to the KS2 test timetable this year will be necessary due to the additional bank holiday in honour of the Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III, taking place on Monday 8 May 2023.

As such, the new schedule will be:

  • Tuesday 9 May: English grammar, punctuation, and spelling (GPS) papers 1 (questions) and 2 (spelling)
  • Wednesday 10 May: English reading paper
  • Thursday 11 May: mathematics papers 1 (arithmetic) and 2 (reasoning)
  • Friday 12 May: mathematics paper 3 (reasoning)

The KS2 timetable variation (TTV) window for each assessment will also move back one day, in accordance with this change.

Writing and Science

As there is no test for English writing, this will be reported as a teacher assessment judgement. This is a judgement teachers will make, based on your child’s work at the end of KS2. You will also receive a teacher assessment judgement for science.

For more information, download the 'Information for parents' guide, by clicking on the image below.