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At Maple Tree  we feel that reading is an essential part of your child’s education and as a result we are running a new system called Accelerated Reader (AR). This means children will read daily in class, either with an adult or independently. Any books that they complete will allow them to take quizzes in school. We would therefore encourage you to read as much as you can with your child to help them complete these quizzes.

Children will be assessed using AR Star tests four times a year. This is an online assessment and determines their reading age and level. Levels for AR are numeric and your child could have a reading level range, e.g. 2.8 – 4.5. This means they can choose books within these numeric levels. 

Please click here to download the PowerPoint presentation about Accelerated Reader.

To help you locate books you can use the AR Bookfinder. You can use this link and select 'advanced search then type in LY and the ZPD' pages of book titles will appear.



We aim to make our children competent and confident writers,helping them to use the written word to communicate effectively. There is a daily English lesson which focuses not only on the specific aspects of English but also creates opportunities for writing throughout the curriculum. Children are taught to write in many different genres such as stories, poems, lists, diaries, accounts etc . In this way they begin to understand that writing takes different forms for different purposes. Writing is also a fundamental part of all other lessons and children are encouraged to use the skills learnt across the breadth of the curriculum.


From an early age we teach the children to write using a cursive script. This means that as they progress through the school they develop a fluent and neat handwriting style which is easy to read and allows them to write quickly. For more information on the cursive script please see the class teacher.


     Phonics and Spelling  

Children begin by learning the basic sounds in Early Years following the Letters and Sounds programme which then leads onto blends and later to more complicated rules where children learn spelling patterns. Spellings are taught in different ways ranging from phonics in the lower end of the school to look, cover, say, write and check methods further up. Spellings are corrected as part of the marking though teachers will not correct all of a child's errors but will identify the common mistakes.  

Please see below for our presentation for parents on Phonics.